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February 22, 2012

One of my favorites

Originally, I put this on my Etsy site to sell, but since decided I wanted it myself. I'll make more of these later and add them to Daydream Dezigns on Etsy, but for today. This one is off the market.

December 04, 2011

My newest obsession - Key Fobs

KEY FOBS...yeah Buddy!! I think I'm going to call them, "Key-Fobulous". When I find a craft or a project that I enjoy I can't stop with making just ONE. I have to make several...and several for ME could mean 40 or 50.
I found the hardware to make these fobs from an Etsy site. Mamasgonecrazy or something like that. Appropriate for me I thought. LOL So within a few days I had 50+ fobs made. I told you it was my latest obsession. I make them in two widths. 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch. My latest find at T.J. Maxx, yesterday in Dallas, was a hanger that was perfect to display them. Now if only I could find a cute place around here to sell them. Prices FOR NOW...are $4.00 for the 1 inch and $5.00 for the 1 1/4 inch.
My next "obsessional project" is going to be pin cushions. I can just feel it. Check back later to see those. Should you want to view more key fobs go to Facebook and search for Daydream Dezigns. Click on photos and then on the key fob folder.

Thanks for stopping by!

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October 29, 2011

Serendipity Scarves

Definition: Serendipity: The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable and agreeable things not sought for. Precisely what I would hope would be the reaction to my scarves. Valuable, agreeable...even though you weren't looking for them.
When I decided to start making fleece scarves last winter (they are embellished with yarn crocheted on the edges) I had no idea I would end up with SOO many of them. Last count, before the ones I have given as gifts and the ones that I have sold to friends, I have made 112 scarves. I currently have 91 to sell through my Etsy site. I haven't exactly gotten them uploaded yet, but will do that within the next few weeks. Currently, if anyone out there....HEEELLLLOOO cyberspace, would be interested you can view said scarves on FACEBOOK by going to Daydream Dezigns Facebook page. You don't have to be invited, but you do have to be on Facebook. Click on the PHOTO link on the side of the page and go to "Serendipity Scarves" album. There are about 40 scarves listed and tomorrow there will be more.


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October 21, 2011

"Lady Bags" - first installment of purses

I have decided that I am going to call my purses: "Lady Bags" with a lady bug in the logo somehow. They will be under the general umbrella of my business, which will be called Daydream Dezigns.

So, here is the first installment of my Lady Bags.

Colorful Patchwork Lady Bag

Front view......... First inside pocket....

Second inside pocket..........

Back view....

My Pink Patchwork Lady Bag

Little Denim Lady Bag...

Similar to "that little denim dress". Simple yet very functional.

Front viewInside view ...

This next whimsical purse is made from fleece. I took my leftover pieces of fleece and
cut 3/4 inch strips of the fleece and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it, by hand, into long thin pieces. Yarn. Then I crocheted purses. This is the first....of many. :)
Whimsical Lady Bag 1
Front view...........

Back view.............

All my Lady Bags are for sale. Most, if not all, will be on my Etsy site, eventually. Until I get them all photographed and uploaded to Etsy, they will be shown here, first.

I would appreciate your feedback if you would

be so kind as to leave me your opinion.



October 18, 2011

The promised jewelry bags

Below are the promised photos of three of my jewelry bags. I love the bright colors and the silky crepe de sheen. Enjoy!!


October 15, 2011

The little blue handbag

My project for today was this little blue handbag. I think it could work perfectly for a small evening bag. The clasp is made from beads and buttons out of my collections. I said yesterday I would post photos of my jewelry bags. Perhaps tomorrow I'll do that....that is unless I decide to made something else. You just never know.